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Jobes Solo Investment Group Merges Tactical Equity Hedge Fund into SMA

January 1, 2014

In an effort to provide ongoing liquidity and transparency to its investors, Jobes Solo Investment Group migrated its equity based quant hedge fund into a separately managed account architecture.  According to president, Jon Solo, "Our investors liked an alternative investment strategy that was non-correlated to the markets but did not necessarily like some of the issues that come with a hedge fund structure."

The investments are managed using a quantitative (mathematically driven) long / short equity strategy based on statistical arbitrage (Reversion to Mean). The core objective is to manage risk (downside losses) in order to achieve positive performance in both up and down markets providing investors with superior, risk adjusted returns with no correlation to the S&P 500. The algorithm calculates statistical measurements for short term cyclical peak and trough patterns that provide high probability set ups to go long or short the position. By utilizing short hold periods (average 4.4 days) the algorithm has been able to generate high probability trades.

At this time the SMA investment is limited to Accredited Investors only.  For more information please CLICK HERE.