Our Approach

We look at investment management a little differently than many of our peers. We firmly believe during these tumultuous times that financial success is not achieved by trying to outperform the market in the short-term but through a core commitment which is to first preserve the wealth you have worked so hard to create and then look for opportunities of growth where the risk levels are appropriate.  Our approach to investment management starts with the following basic principles:

  1. We are in the middle of a longer term (secular) bear market cycle with shorter term (cyclical) bull and bear markets in between which is causing the big swings since 2000.  
  2. Investment strategies that worked well in the old secular bull market cycle of the 80s-90s such as modern portfolio theory or buy and hold may be harmful during this new secular bear market trend.
  3. Protecting against large downside losses (20% and greater) is more important than trying to outperform the market in the short term.
  4. Navigating these volatile markets requires hands on tactical financial management that takes an ongoing proactive approach which constantly measures risk levels and reduces exposure when risk is high.

We recognize that individuals need something more than a one size fits all financial plan. If anything has been learned from the financial crisis of 2008 it is that change is the only truly constant feature of the financial landscape. We believe this is likely to continue and instead of denying it or trying to hide from it by sticking with many of the old investment approaches that no longer work we believe in facing it head on by developing a game plan that recognizes when change occurs, how it affects our clients and making adjustments immediately.  We accomplish this by following a systematic tactical strategy that focuses on a core set of indicators (our compass) which allows us to make investment decisions that are less driven by emotions and swayed by outside sources and more focused on a reliable set of data that cannot be manipulated.