Investment Management Strategy

Most investors today make decisions based on buying and hoping long term they will be alright while others succumb to the impulses of fear that is mainly driven by an overload of media sources. You also have an even larger percentage that has exited the market completely willing to sacrifice growth opportunities. We have a defined tactical asset management strategy that acts as our compass and road map to keep our clients out of harm’s way and ultimately achieve the financial success they are looking for. We do not try and guess or predict which direction the market is headed. We focus on where our indicators are telling us it is headed over the short to intermediate term and make tactical adjustments accordingly.


Our tactical asset allocation strategy is a proactive management style that is focused on:

  1. Limiting a client's downside risk exposure first and maximizing client's exposure to strong market performance when risk is favorable.
  2. Avoiding big losses in down markets so we will not waste most of our time during good markets simply trying to recover back losses thereby increasing the time we spend growing the portfolio.