Navigating Your Path

The last ten years in the market has made individual investors aware that financial markets are constantly changing and at an increasing pace.  The financial turmoil that was experienced in 2008-2009 was a wakeup call to many investors that a well-diversified investment plan built on buy and hold carried more risk than they were aware of.  We believe investors are looking for someone to develop a roadmap and provide the tools needed to navigate them on their path to financial success.   

In developing your specific roadmap, we understand the numbers are important, but we believe that knowing what's behind them - your life, your family, your goals- is even more significant. The more we understand about you, the better we can help you manage the business of life.

Once your roadmap has been defined, we

  • Manage your investment portfolios using our core set of navigational tools that are built on our own investment management strategies
  • Take a proactive approach to wealth management that is focused on measuring levels of risk in the financial marketplace.  
  • Do not defer the management and risk of our clients’ portfolios to outside money managers. 
  • Define a specific tactical asset strategy for each of our clients that outline how we plan to mitigate risk that may occur in their portfolios which at times can mean moving completely to cash.  
  • Take a tactical approach to reduce exposure to areas of the market when the level of risk goes above what has been defined by each individual client. 

Our team has spent more than three decades navigating the ups and downs of market cycles, providing sophisticated wealth planning and investment management solutions, and serving individuals, executives, corporations and families just like you.